Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mt. Akina's new bullet?

 This Fujimi AE86 is a thing of beauty, and has been a favorite among enthusiasts. Now this enthusiast is no stranger to this car and as far as i know he has a couple of these already. The man behind this commission build is Hanzel Conchas and he is replicating an actual car. I havent seen the 1:1 car but by the looks of the scale, its one hell of a beast with these Fujimi SSR Mesh rims.

Here is a preview of the build:

All photos are properties of Hanzel Conchas and cannot be used without his permission

Kei Office? Yes Please!

A work in progress Aoshima Kei Office S15 by Benedick Brian Cartera. This kit is originally a drift car with very nice Prodrive Rims that came with the kit. The kit is now being primed and prepared for painting. Sadly though, the kit's interior is all stock but im sure he'll make the most out of this kit!

Here are some snap shots of this monster:

All photos are properties of Benedick Brian Cartera and cannot be used without his permission.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fujimi Honda CRX

My newest kid on my Honda block is this Honda CRX. Got this from a fellow modeller. Kit is in bad shape but i have managed to slowly strip the paint off and repaired all the damages to the body. As i write this post, the interior tub is now being stripped off paint. I still have no plans at the moment on how it will look but it will definitely have an orange colored shell. Here are some pics! Enjoy!

After the brake fluid bath!

 Repaired the right rear end and test fitting the lights