Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ferrari F50 Junker Update

These are just a few works i did with this junker. I know its not much but at least the project is pushing through. I also encountered a minor setback when my dog played with the windsheild when i was doing work outside, luckily there were no deep bite marks or scratches on the surface. I applied putty on the center of the trunk where originally a set of bags and battery was located. Since my friend's son played with this, it lost both side mirrors so i had to also cover it up with putty but it was late when i realized that and already applied the paint for the doors. I also sanded the paint on the roof and i have to make small repairs on the plastic.

Items used:
Bosny Thin Coating Putty
Pylox Red Paint (its a rattle can....i really need to buy a compressor!)
Tamiya enamel paints
Super Glue

Well here are some photos of the restoration:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shell Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Here is another car bought on a Shell station. This is the latest edition to the Ferrari collection from Shell, sadly the 599 is all that's left. Well maybe i can purchase the other cars on Ebay and gradually complete this set. This is the first edition of Ferrari sets to that has an engine sound and its a pull back action car at a scale of 1:38.
Here are some of the photos, enjoy!

1:24 Fujimi Honda Civic VTi Re-build

I got this kit way back when i was still in high school. Originally, i did not paint the shell and added an after market rims and kit bashed a radiator from a NASCAR model to make it into an intercooler. I'm not really satisfied with this so i scraped the project and decided to at least make it look like a Spoon Civic. Here are some pics before i did the rebuild. again more pics to follow...damn i need to have my models finished!

Transport Show Oct. 2005

These photos were taken when my cousin and I attended this show. This was held at the Mega Trade Center in SM Megamall. I know its late but its worth posting. anyway, enough of this. Enjoy!

Maisto Ferrari F50 junker

This Ferrari F50 junker was also a gift. I saw this kit when i was cleaning. This kit is a 1:18 scale from a promo here in Manila by Shell. I have another scale of this car which was bought when i had a re-fuel. My F50 has no roof so this is a good addition to my collection. I already started with this project, but i don't have pics of the process. The kit is already primed and painted red but it needs a few more sprays. Engine is also under planning and as much as possible, i want to simulate the real thing and i think this is the first time that i will try to scratch build some parts. stay tuned for more pics of the progress. Thanks!